The Personal Financial Statement is an essential Buyer tool. It will help to shape the business opportunities that align your financial circumstances with your interests, experience and income expectations.

Also, depending upon the competitive environment, cost and complexity of a business, some Sellers require that Potential Buyers provide financial disclosures and an experience summary prior to any significant disclosures about their business.

Credit Report Authorization

This document requires the Buyers’ signature and authorizes your Broker to obtain an up-to-date credit report. The confidential credit report may be one of the Seller’s qualification requirements for the disclosure of business information, preparatory to organizing an Offer to Purchase or qualification for a Lease Agreement.

Confidential Client Profile

This form provides preliminary Client information required to begin the process of understanding your current business situation. With this information, our team can accurately assess valuation and offer a marketing approach for optimal sale.

Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement

This Confidentiality/Disclosure Agreement identifies the responsibilities and obligations of Potential Buyers as it pertains to any information disclosed about a business. It outlines a Buyer’s expected conduct when visiting or inquiring about businesses that are listed. This Agreement requires the Buyer’s / Potential Buyer’s signature prior to the disclosure of information about the business. If you have any questions, please call us for guidance.